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Uncle Bob Fried Chicken Franchise
Jimmy Yim - Wed 28/Mar/07, 7:43pm [Last Comment]

just wondering anybody know how to get the uncle bob fried chicken franchising?how much is the capital for setup? this business normally run at pasar malam.
  1. MFA Admin - 29 Mar 2007, 6:38pm
    Dear Mr. Jimmy, First and foremost, we would like to thank you for registering your interest in franchise business. Uncle Bob Fried Chicken Franchise is neither our member nor register with the Registrar of Franchise (RoF). We don't have information about their business. Probably you can browse their website directly. As a franchise is still new to you, we would advise for you to equip yourself with the franchise knowledge before entering to franchise business. We have a series of training programs such as Basic Franchising Course. You can meet up with the industry experts during the training. Kindly visit our franchise portal at for the latest updates on franchise related programs. We at MFA are glad to help you.

  2. Chin 2 - 02 Apr 2007, 1:09pm
    they are imitation. don't think they'll offer franchise coz the fact that they operate at the road side only.

  3. Tuffymax - 02 Apr 2007, 11:22pm
    chin you are wrong~!they do have the franchise system..
    hello Jimmy Yim,wanna know more about Uncle BoB?? Please call 03-78804882,its Uncle BoB's Hotline~~!

  4. Chin 2 - 03 Apr 2007, 9:32pm
    Really, I'm surprised. They look more like a family business and surely doesn't look like they have a franchise system. They're still imitation though.

  5. Tuffymax - 03 Apr 2007, 10:48pm
    Really? imitation? then i would like to know where it come from. where can i taste it?

  6. Chin 2 - 08 Apr 2007, 2:20pm
    One Utama. Near TGV. Taste better than Uncle Bob.

  7. Tuffymax - 08 Apr 2007, 9:25pm
    There are lots of ppl say that uncle bob is nicer,,anyway,,you think that one near the TGV is nicer doesn't mean that uncle bob is IMITATION.Besides that,did you went to taiwan before?All the fried XXL chicken stall in taiwan are operate at the road side and night markets..

  8. Chin 2 - 09 Apr 2007, 1:14pm
    A lot of people means what? The people that you know doesn't mean everyone. I said it's nicer is just based on my taste for fried chicken. I said they're imitation not based on that. I have not been to Taiwan but I still know they operate at night market. They bought the recipe over. Maybe I'm wrong about the imitation thing but when you see the store at One Utama then the one in pasar malam, it's just normal to have such thought that their imitation. Sorry if I'm wrong but am just trying to give Jimmy Yim some thoughts that's all. By the way, I'm not accusing it's just thoughts. Good for you if you have info to Uncle Bob.

  9. Tu Pot Sik - 05 Jun 2007, 3:52pm
    There is another new supplier for taiwan big chicken around puchong area. They only supply chicken and ingredients. They will help you to set up your stall including poster,sticker and etc... No franchise fees at all but you will need to pay a minima cost around RM500 only for the poster, fryer and etc...

  10. Tuffymax - 05 Jun 2007, 4:59pm
    is it nice? what is the name?where can i taste it???

  11. Speed128mph - 12 Dec 2007, 10:07pm
    As I know got another company do supply. you can call 03-61851833. They supply chicken meat, ingredient and all tools and equipment for Taiwanese fried chicken. They also help you setup stall without fee or franchsing system.

  12. Jamhari - 17 Jul 2011, 10:28pm
    Saya muslim..
    boleh ke klu saya nak buka biznis ni
    dn brapa modal

  13. Siti Suhana Binti Sulaiman - 03 Aug 2011, 8:57pm
    saya ingin membuka bisnes ini.. berapa modal dan bagaimana memulakan perniagaan ini.. harap boleh membantu saya..

  14. Watchday - 20 Aug 2011, 3:28am
    Siti Suhana
    Dah dapat ke info nye..
    lepas raya nanti saya pun cadang nak on biznes ni..
    tapi kalau tak silap rm5k

  15. Acapryl - 01 Nov 2011, 2:16pm
    berminat tp x bole masuk la website die ni :
    cmane nak dpt info?

  16. Nizam 118 - 06 Jan 2012, 12:48pm
    kepada sesape y bermnt nk bkk bsns mcm ni..blh kontek sy..0132192344..nizam

  17. Uncle Bob Ipoh - 08 Feb 2012, 1:38am
    UNCLE BOB FRIED CHICKEN coming soon in February 2012!!!!

    VENUE : IPOH GARDEN ( Opposite Nasmir Nasi Kandar , Behind Tesco Ipoh)

    Special Opening Promotion!!

    BUY 1 FREE 1.. *subject to change

    call/sms : 014-3058360

  18. Ieda 32 - 26 Apr 2012, 7:48pm
    saya nak tau mcam mne nk start dgn bisnes ni?and apa yg perlu saya lakukan. brp modal diperlukan.tq

  19. Eric 13 - 28 May 2012, 10:27pm
    I would like to open a business like uncle bob in sandakan, sabah. please kindly tell me how ?

  20. Nizam 118 - 09 Jun 2012, 10:13am
    and bila sya da wat no 2 semula kat celcom center,sya akn inform semula...sorry kpada semua cstmr sy y dah deal ngn sy dgn no 2..ape2 blh kontek sy di talian 0132829334/0143617072 untuk berty tentang bisnes mcm uncle bob..

  21. Nizam 118 - 11 Jun 2012, 12:02am
    jom jana pendapatan dengan berniaga ayam gunting mcm uncle bob..sbrang pertanyaan blh hubungi sy 0132829334/0143617072..nizam...keuntungn 100% milik owner..

  22. Vee Daniel 2 - 12 Jul 2012, 2:28pm
    hai...ada x sapa2 yg tau tentang detail tuk buat bisnes franchise uncle bob...brapa modal yg dperlukan n so on la...blh x emel detail kat :-)

  23. Redzaei Shafeeq - 27 Jul 2012, 9:40am
    assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera

    saya ingin bertanya tentang perniagaan Uncle BoB..saya hendak tahu macam mana hendak mulakan perniagaan ini, berapa modalyang diperlukan dlm business ini

    business Uncle bob ini ada kursus atau tidak??

  24. Redzaei Shafeeq - 27 Aug 2012, 3:17pm
    ada sapa boleh bg detail tentang perniagaan uncle pada saya,

  25. Haikal 8 - 08 Nov 2012, 5:31pm
    Saya mendapat tapak berniaga di MAHA anjuran kementerian pertanian selama 10 hari, saya berminat ingin berniaga ayam Uncle Bob di sana. Sesiapa boleh bantu saya?

  26. Miza 20 - 08 Nov 2012, 7:21pm
    saya berminat dengan francais uncle bob..tolong email kan detail kepada

  27. Uteck - 10 Dec 2012, 12:33pm
    saya berminat untuk jadi francis uncle bob blh pm sy x?

  28. Anis Mardiah - 01 Feb 2013, 11:36pm
    helo, saya Anis dari Beluran Sabah berminat dgn francais uncle bob, boleh tolong email kan detail kpd sya ..? Please...

  29. Wanto - 02 Jul 2013, 5:15pm
    Sapa2 tau info tntang uncle bob.. Bole share dgn saya..? Mcm mana nk apply n brapa modal d prlukan.. TQ

  30. Enness - 18 Jul 2013, 3:15am
    Kalao Ada minat nk join Macam mana nak start bisns ni Dan berapa harga franchise?
    Boleh reply Saya Dan Tolong saya

  31. Muzakirhalim - 27 Aug 2013, 4:14pm
    Sy berminat utk membuka uncle bob,sape2 boley membantu sy

  32. Nur Syahira Izuanie - 29 Sep 2013, 4:29pm
    sy berminat untuk membuka bisness uncle b0b nie ..mcm mane nk mulakan ..b0leh bgthu x ..apa2 hal email kt

  33. Cdik - 28 Nov 2013, 3:27am
    sy berminat ingin menjual ayam goreng Uncle Bob..bgaimana caranya?
    kalau ingin buka di johor boleh x?
    tlg bg feedback di tq :)

  34. Bakri Bin Harun - 19 Dec 2013, 11:16am
    saya berminat untuk lakukan business ini please contack saya 0193073234

  35. Rosnitah Sunsai - 15 Jan 2014, 1:32pm
    sya berminat nk buka bz franchise uncle bob.. Mcmne nak start n brapa modal.. Plz email me

  36. Iezam 2 - 08 Feb 2014, 3:20pm
    sy ingin memulakn bisnes francais uncle bob di kuantan,kpd yg berkanaan blh tak send detail ke email sy,

  37. Fara 51 - 19 Feb 2014, 8:14pm
    As bminat memulakn bisnes franchais ayam uncle bob di kl..brp modal..bole pm detail ke emel sy

  38. Muhammad Iqbal 3 - 12 Mar 2014, 10:41am
    Saya berminat untuk membuat bisnes uncle bob @ ayam gunting @ ali's ayam gunting,ada sapa boleh bantu Camne nk mulakan bisnes ini n pembekal bahan2 tersebut?area kota bharu,shah alam dan kuala terengganu Bleh email saya:

  39. Nurfarhana Binti Sulaiman - 14 Mar 2014, 8:10pm
    Saya ingin memulakan bisnes uncle bob di johor..saya ingin mengetahui berapa modal..dan bagaimana caranya untuk memulakan bisnes ini...bole email saya di

  40. Shahrul Nizam 6 - 23 Mar 2014, 3:41am
    amat berminat nak bisnes ayam gunting uncle Bob...area johor bharu..emailkan

  41. Mohd Hanis - 03 Apr 2014, 7:33pm
    saya amat berminat dgn perniagaan ini.yg kian berkembang.bagaimana cara sy hendak mulakan? dan berapa modal yg perlu sy gunakan?

  42. Mazira 3 - 13 Apr 2014, 1:01pm
    Salam, sy nk tahu mcm mna nk mulakan perniagaan franchise uncle bob, brape modal? Bleh emailkn detail pada sy

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