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Seminar On “burger Bakar Licensing Program”
Mohd Nazri 4 - Tue 11/Dec/12, 1:48pm


Date : 29 December 2012
Venue : Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
Limited seat to 50 participants only.

Those interested to know more about Burger Bakar Abang Burn business concept are welcome to join

To register, please send your details (Name, Contact Number, Address and Email ) to

“Burger Bakar Abang Burn” is a Malaysian chain of restaurant & kiosk serving homemade gourmet style grilled burger to consumer market. We bring premium taste to the street at affordable price range without compromising the taste and quality of the food. Our ethos are to serve Quality, Fast and Delicious product to all our clients. At present, we have 9 branches in Malaysia, operating at the following locations.

1. Jajahan Ampang
2. Jajahan Kajang – Bangi
3. Jajahan Nilai
4. Jajahan Johor Bahru
5. Jajahan Kota Damansara
6. Jajahan Sunway – Subang Jaya
7. Jajahan Seremban
8. Jajahan Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
9. Jajahan Seksyen 13, Shah Alam

To meet the stringent demand of supplies whilst maintaining the fundamental value of the brand that is Quality of the food served, we have built state of the art production plant at Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. In ensuring efficiency and fast delivery, the factory adopt latest technology acquired by extensive research and development program, online inventories and accounting program, and in the midst of applying the HALAL & HACCP certification. We have also enter a collaboration work with consultant to develop the food processing technique base on scientific evidence

On the other note, we are proud to the fact that we revolutionize way of doing business by relying on cloud computing capabilities. Ordering, inventories management, audit to system compliance, accounting and many other processes are made with online application that cut down 40% of process time. In essence we operate with minimal work forces that focus on efficiency. The people are built around the system in which ensuring easy adaptation to the work flow for everyone employed within the organization. BBAB invest on information management to ensure fast and accurate decision made all the time

With the endless support from the crews, existing licensee as well as from the fans of BBAB, we managed to create:
• More than 100 job opportunities
• 7 new entrepreneurs/ businesses

BBAB is a trend-setter in the Malaysian food industry. Our work starts from dreaming of creative and innovative food products and serving it to our customers. We combine the latest academic knowledge, extensive experience and proven food technologies to harness opportunities within our environment and achieve our goals.

Opening a business is a tremendous opportunity. We understand your passion and your needs. BBAB started with strong entrepreneurial spirit, discipline and work ethic from day one. We started our own business from scratch and we understand how important returns are to your investment.

Thus, we would like to invite you to join our family and create value in the industry via BBAB Licensing Program. We are looking for licensees that possess leadership skills, and persistent in his/her work with strong discipline and more importantly, able to comply to BBAB operational manual rigorously.

As a licensor, our responsibility is to ensure the continuity of licensees, business. We offer licensing package to dedicated potential licensees who genuinely want to do business and aim to be successful

As a BBAB licensee, you will receive the following support and assistance to get your business up and running profitably:

+ Established brand name
+ Proven Operations System with comprehensive operation manual on all aspect of running the business.
+ Easy market entry with Continuous improvement & Growth opportunities
+ High customer turnover with quick food preparation from frozen to hot grilled burgers
+ Full consultation advice on the layout of the selected venue
+ Cash-flow forecast with detailed costing.
+ All materials, setting-up and installations will be taken care of by BBAB ensuring best prices for top quality materials.
+ To be part of the unique yet extensive BBAB marketing campaign that focus on specific demographic to ensure that all investment translated into profit.
+ Marketing advice and techniques.
+ Cross marketing of your venue with all other BBAB locations, website, Facebook Page and others
+ Hands-on training for managers, supervisors and crews.
+ BBAB have track record that shows all our current 9 outlets are profitable and able to recoup the capital expenditure as fast as two months from opening.
+ BBAB do not charge royalty !!! that is the fact
+ And much more!

Currently there are two type of package available
Both package come with different level of investment depending on variables such as floor area and others.

To enquire more about the Licensing program, please contact us at
(M) +6012 330 4782 | (O) +603 4161 3996 | (F) +603 4106 3997

(M) +6019 338 9167

(M) +6012 671 1559
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