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Perniagaan Francais
Ashraf 2 - Thu 21/Jan/10, 3:20pm

Following the success of its pilot collaboration with England Optical Group since February 2009, The Innovative Synergy (I•S) Programme, a brainchild of IS Elite Asia Sdn Bhd (ISEA), is proud and honored to announce its new partnerships with industry giants Tune Talk, Clara International, Cathay Cineplexes and Thomas & Guys.

“We are very pleased that industry leaders like England Optical Group, Tune Talk, Clara International, Cathay Cineplexes and Thomas & Guys are in support of our very unique business idea to further enhance their retail business via a performance-based marketing model. With its own proprietary web-based system, the I•S model is designed to reduce merchant adoption investment and risk to the bare minimum”, commented Lawrence Teo, CEO of IS Elite Asia Sdn Bhd (ISEA) during the official signing ceremony.

I•S aims to provide a mutually beneficial and synergized community between retailers, its programme associates and their affiliated networks of retail consumers. The programme was officially launched in February 2009 with its pilot partner merchant, England Optical Group, and to date, the programme has been successfully implemented in participating EOG outlets across the nation.

“The key success of this program lies in its unique multipartite beneficial mechanism for all parties involved within the community – the Merchants, the Programme Associates, and the Referral Consumers”, explained Teo.

“Merchants will automatically be equipped with a performance-based marketing arm and retail sales channel; I•S Programme Associates stand to enjoy various privileges for spending at the Merchants’ retail outlets as well as incentives from referrals generated, whereas Referred Consumers will enjoy retail privileges from Merchants under the programme – it is essentially a win-win-win scenario for all parties”, he added.

Established and reputable retail merchants are acquired by ISEA from different retail trades to form a complete retail merchant community for the consumers from the I•S programme, whereas Program Associates are carefully selected and recruited via various marketing channels and recruitment drives.

Also a proud member of the ASEAN Retail-Chains & Franchise Federation (ARFF), founded by Dato Dr. Chin See Keat, ISEA has always aimed to provide innovative solutions and marketing strategies and programmes to enhance ARFF members’ business competitiveness and business revenue growth.

“With its unique proposition that is also in-line with the ARFF mission to make ASEAN a shopping paradise by helping retailers grow and expand their businesses across ASEAN + 6 markets, ARFF is pleased to support and endorse the I•S Programme in hope that more retail merchants will adopt and benefit from the programme,” commented Dato Dr. Chin, founding president of ARFF, founder of the Malaysian Retail Chains Association (MRCA), who also takes on the role as I•S Programme mentor.

I•S’s expansion plans in the next few months include further tie-ups and partnerships with more members of the retail and franchise industry. These will include prominent brands from F&B, leisure & entertainment, consumer goods and services, etc.

About IS Elite Asia

ISEA specializes in retail and franchise marketing solutions and strategies planning, consultation, and implementation services. Driven by a group of passionate and enthusiastic marketing professionals, ISEA aims to deliver revolutionized concepts and solutions to help grow its business partners’ retail businesses locally and regionally.

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  1. Rahman - 25 Jan 2010, 10:48am
    Ashraf 2, Pihak Admin MFA telah membuat kenyataan melarang penggunaan perkataan francais dalam bisnes iseliteasia ini. Baca disini.

    MFA Admin - 14 Jan 2010, 11:39pm
    Saudari Maz Lynnz, pertamanya terima kasih kerana menggunakan ruangan forum MFA. Bagi pihak MFA, ingin saya menjelaskan disini bahawa peluang perniagaan yang saudari cuba perkenalkan kepada pelawat forum bukanlah satu konsep perniagaan francais yang sah dan berdaftar dengan Pendaftar Francais di bawah Kementerian Perdagandan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan. (KPDNKK). Konsep perniagaan francais di Malaysia adalah tertakluk di bawah AKTA FRANCAIS 1998 yang mana sekiranya mengelirukan orang ramai boleh diambil tindakan di bawah Akta tersebut. Kami amat berbesar hati sekiranya pelayan forum ada kemusykilan tentang konsep perniagaan francais boleh terus menghubungi pihak sekretariat MFA atau terus merujuk kepada pejabat Pendaftar Francais di bawah KPDNKK. Terima kasih.

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