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Kos Membuka Cyber Cafe?
Kenny Yap - Mon 18/Feb/08, 3:28pm [Last Comment]

Hi, Saya ingin mengetahui berapa jumlah kos kalao nak buka Cyber Cafe ? Dimana tempat beli komputer dengan harga yang murah tetapi hardware yang bagus (Tempat KL sahaja), dan juga system pengurusan internet.Harap para para professional boleh memberikan maklumat tentang buka Cyber Cafe.Terima Kasih.

Hi,i wanna know tat how much the cost to open up a Cyber Cafe? Where is the place to buy some good quality pc but nice price? (kl location only). Somemore those Cyber Cafe management system.Hope all the professional person and give me some details /information about open a CC. Thanks you very much
  1. Reen - 19 Feb 2008, 12:53am
    hi kenny..
    okay friends of mine selling the refurbished far the price is very cheap n they do supply to individual n cyber cafe as well.
    kindly please email to me for the further info.cheers

  2. Andalusia 2 - 19 Feb 2008, 10:33am
    Berapa buah komputer angaran?
    Package komputer dan juga sistem pengurusan internet.
    Kindly please email me.

  3. MFA Admin - 19 Feb 2008, 10:52am
    Hi Kenny Yap, first and foremost thank you for using our forum as a platform to change business ideas. Our focus is only into franchise business. At the moment none of our members offer cyber cafe as a franchise business. We don't have information about this business. Thank you.

  4. Kenny Yap - 19 Feb 2008, 3:48pm
    Reply Reen and Andalusia,

    thank you for Reen and Andalusia,
    can u pls give me ur email address? So i can contact u all as well,
    1st,i think i will buy 20 pc (for temporary,if got enough money then will get more pc)

    hope u all can give me ur mail address as well :)

    Anyway, thx u too MFA Admin ''

  5. RS Consultancy Resources - 19 Feb 2008, 5:05pm
    Kindly visit for more details

  6. Andalusia 2 - 20 Feb 2008, 8:56am

  7. Sam 4 - 20 Feb 2008, 12:15pm
    Hi Kenny, I think for cybercafe one of the difficult hurdles now is to get a license to operate it because I understand there's a freeze on new licenses. I have done some research about this a few months ago, maybe we can discuss more - feel free to email me

  8. Irwan Bin Alif - 20 Feb 2008, 2:03pm
    Hi kenny..i can give u fully quotation refurbished pc for cyber cafe purpose. please don't hesitate to send ur requirement specification for pc u need. futhermore, FYI, they have quota for cyber cafe licence. depend on ur location. please refer to ur local board council for details. TQ

  9. Escape - 25 Mar 2008, 7:44pm
    I would say, take over from others who wanna sell, is still the best. At least you know if the CC making profit and from then, you can learn. One of my fren is selling CC in kepong area. He willing to let go at very affordable price. Perhaps you can drop me an email / or call him at 012-2521884

  10. Kenny Law - 26 May 2008, 7:19pm
    Default DDS Solutions for Cybercafe, Training Centre and School

    - Kos pelaburan yang rendah

    - Menjimatkan kos pelaburan untuk cakera keras dan kos untuk meningkatkan kapasiti cakera keras

    - Membolehkan penggunaan stesen kerja yang mempunyai spesifikasi rendah demikian melanjutkan usia komputer

    - Menjimatkan kos pelaburan untuk membeli perisian dan kad BalikPulih

    - Menjimatkan kos pelaburan untuk membeli perisian anti-virus

    - Merendahkan kos penyenggaraan and masa

    - Penyenggaraan kepada 1 stesen kerja = Penyenggaraan kepada semua stesen-stesen kerja

    - Menyokong ’Multi Restore Point’

    - Pemulihan selepas mengebut dimulakan semula (reboot)

    - Imun kepada virus dan trojan komputer

    - Tiada ‘downtime’ bagi operasi server

    - 2 Server beroperasi secara serentak

    -Menyokong ’Multi Sync’ diantara Server.

    - Tiada ‘downtime’ bagi operasi server

    -Mempunyai keserasian dengan pelbagai perkakasan dan perisian

    Software System ni boleh meringankan beban untuk clone atau ghost harddisk

    Apa-apa pertanyaan boleh post kat forum ini, terima kasih

    Atau e-mail kat

  11. Js - 18 Jun 2009, 11:40am
    Kos CyberCafe menjimatkan jika guna komputer canggih ini. Jimat Wang Anda.

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