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Kfc Francais
Mr Faizal - Fri 25/Mar/05, 6:49am [Last Comment]

i think getting along with francaise business is very good and related to my topic i would like know how to begin a kfc francais. anybody kindly post it to my email. tq
  1. - 27 Mar 2005, 6:21pm
    Dear Mr. Faizal, KFC is a Master Franchisee and currently not offering franchise to public. For more information, kindly contact Ministry of Entrepreneur Cooperative and Development (MECD) at 03-8880 5600 or you may approach the particular company directly. Besides what to do and how much money to prepare, there are several issues need to be taken into consideration. Therefore we at MFA would like to advise you to build a strong knowledge foundation on franchising before making any major decision. This is because we had received many reports and complaints where many beginners and would be franchisor had been cheated by the irresponsible parties due to lack of knowledge. You can start by reading relevant articles and books such as the one we have on sale. If you need to know more, you may enroll in our training to get better picture of franchising. Please refer to us if you have any problem. We are glad to help you.

  2. Mr Faizal - 28 Mar 2005, 12:17am
    i would like to know why kfc not offering francais?
    it is a permanent statemenet or just stop offering at a monet? please kindly help. tq

  3. - 28 Mar 2005, 7:44pm
    Dear Mr. Faizal, KFC is not our member and we were so sorry coz we can't assist you futher on this but you can confirm the statement by contact them directly.

  4. Mr Faizal - 29 Mar 2005, 12:25am
    tq for your answering my question but just one more question why is not included as mfa members?

  5. Telaga Mazna - 31 Mar 2005, 7:59pm
    I am a diploma holder from interested in kfc francaise business. would you please tell me what are the steps that i should take to start this business.

  6. Mr Faizal - 02 Apr 2005, 8:51pm
    dear miss mazna, are you from telagamas kedah? recently i have been inform that kfc is not offering any members francais kfc yet but for more detail you can open my folder and get a better information about kfc that have been post to me from kfc. more detail reply back this message to me. tq

  7. Ikmal Hisham Bin Mohd kamal Hakim - 05 May 2005, 12:09am
    saya berminat menjadi wakil KFC franchis, tetapi ia memerlukan modal yang banyak. Bagaimana saya boleh dapatkan modal ini?

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