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Jco Donut Or Big Apple Donut
Hasrina - Mon 7/Jan/08, 11:34pm [Last Comment]

saya graduate fr uitm in Dip. in culinary art,experience in bakery 4 thn,saya berminat untuk buka franchise jco donut
atau big apple donut di alamanda,ampang point atau setiawangsa memandangkan potensi yang ada di tmpt2 seperti to start
  1. MFA Admin - 08 Jan 2008, 12:41pm
    Dear Ms. Hasrina, First and foremost, we would like to thank you for registering your interest in franchise business. For your kind information, Big Apple Donuts and JCO Donuts is not a member of our association and they are yet to register with Registrar of Franchise (RoF). We don't have any information about them.

    If you are interested in franchise business, the first step we would advise for you to equip yourself with the franchise knowledge before entering to franchise business. We have a series of training programs such as Basic Franchising Course. You can meet up with the industry experts during the training. Besides that, you also can keep yourself knowledgeable and updated by reading related material such as books on franchising that we have on sale. We at MFA are glad to guide you. Thank you.

  2. Jay Yeow - 08 Jan 2008, 2:33pm
    It s a very interesting concept and we should work together to build up t biz...

  3. Johnathan Tan kong huat - 08 Jan 2008, 4:21pm
    Anda ada sudah pergi ke jco donut dan big apple tanya frans. system mereka? as MFA Admin have ponted out, they are not registered yet. Hence with complience with the Franshise act, they cannot franshise out their product.

    If they are "soon" to be then, its better you iniciate conact with them 1st as to secure the best location for the business.

    I am not sure about setiawangsa, however, as a location by itself, at Alamanda, my friend have a FnB outlet at the food court there. He tells me its doing kinda well as the residents that stay and work there, will visit the mall as it's only one around.

    As for ampang point, you mean the mall or the shoplets there? Take away koncept is safe as it takes less space and night business over there will have a chance as sometimes its kinda quite around there at night and customers will not dwell there for too long. Thus, there will be no repeat orders.

    Contoh A) if I am customer J and I am with customer W having a chat there. And there is not much people around, I might just leave after the 1st dount or drink as its too quite.

    The enviorement must be condusive and the "area" around it must be comfortable enough for me and customer w to stay as long as possible so we will reorder our 2nd serving drink or dount.

    Imagine Gloria Jeans and Starbucks, unlike the concept of DOminoes Pizza, which is different and kinda of a "blue ocean" strategy during that time of incoroperation many years ago on malaysia.

    Its a place for people to hang out, chat and have drinks and food. the average time that a customers spends there, if its more than 1 hour or so, chances is that there will be a re-order.

    I hope I have given you a better idea. Its just my personal opinion and observations.

    If the income focus is in the "take away" idea. It might just work there.


  4. Bono - 09 Jan 2008, 2:09pm
    I've already asked about franchising to jco and this is what they've replied....

    "Warm greetings from J.CO Donuts & Coffee.
    Thank you very much for your interest to franchise our stores in Malaysia.

    We would like to inform you that J.CO Donuts & Coffee is open at
    Pavillion Bukit Bintang, Sunway Pyramid on 7th December 2007 and will
    opening more soon in many areas in Malaysia.
    For that reason, at the moment, we are unable to explore franchise
    opportunities with you.

    Once again, thank you for contacting us. We sincerely appreciate your
    interest in J.CO and hope that J.CO Donuts & Coffee will always be your
    favorite shop.

    Best Regards,
    J.CO Donuts & Coffee"

  5. Mohammad Ismail Bin Spono - 10 Jan 2008, 10:15am
    Helo, Im looking for bisness partner and joint venture in openng halal food bizness.pls email me for discussion.thks

  6. Zulkifli 2 - 15 Jan 2008, 8:08am
    hi Hasrina, it's sad knowing that J.Co Donuts is not interested in doing franchise business for the Malaysian market currently.
    Anyway, don't give up, i have a similiar product and better fast food business concept than what J.Co Donuts is offering, it's Halal and will cost u cheaper. Contact me at, we could seriously talk.

  7. Hasrina - 15 Jan 2008, 2:58pm
    thanks for reply,actually what is the pro chelos?can u explain more about it

  8. Zulkifli 2 - 16 Jan 2008, 3:06pm
    You can e-mail me at We could converse better in private on this. Thanks for your interest.

  9. Siva 2 - 26 Feb 2008, 2:37am
    DEAR /sir im siva and i like open jco Donut or apple donut bacause how much your franchise cost and other cost please send to me massage/siva

  10. Siva 2 - 26 Feb 2008, 3:50am
    Dear /sir i like open donut or apple donut bacause how much your fhanranchise and other cost please send to me massage /siva

  11. Siva 2 - 27 Feb 2008, 12:41am
    Dear sir ilike open j. co donut coffee in malaysia because how much your franchise fee and cost please send to me massage /siva

  12. Siva 2 - 27 Feb 2008, 10:33pm
    Dear sir i like open jco donut coffee in malaysia please send your franchise cost/siva

  13. Jasvindar Kaur - 22 Aug 2008, 12:30am
    Hi, i like to open jco donut coffee in Malaysia at KLCC/Setapak, what is the procedure, cost and etc.

  14. Yanto - 01 Sep 2008, 12:59pm
    dear sir i attned to open jco donuts and coffe in indonesia..
    please send me the franchise cost and prosedure..
    anyone now the prosedure or can help me to find..
    i really thz a lot...
    please send me an email :


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