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Interested To Open Ecosway Free Store? Berminat Untuk Membuka Stor Percuma Ecosway?
Chew Hiew Kuang - Sun 19/Jun/11, 11:07pm

Free Store here means:

Renovation of the shop is paid for by eCosway.
Monthly rental is paid for by eCosway.
Legal costs and rental deposit and others deposits are paid for by eCosway.
Electricity bills can be claimed back to eCosway. Store Operators will have to pay first and claim later with receipts.
Goods/stocks are given as consignment.
The role of Store Operators:

Pay telephone and internet bills.
Hire and pay salaries to staffs if required.
Pay water bills.
Buy 1000eV of Cosway product sets for personal use. 1000eV is about RM5000 in Malaysia. The amount for other countries defer and depends on what sets are chosen.
Pay security deposit to eCosway before the store key handover. This is used to secure eCosway’s investment for as long as the Store Operators operate their free stores. This security deposit is fully refundable upon termination of the contract. The required amount in Malaysia is RM10k with one or two guarantors or RM30k with no guarantors. Requirement for other countries differ.
Bank in all of the daily sales cash promptly into eCosway bank account.
Manage the store in full time basis. Work hard to achieve sales target set by eCosway.
Continuously recruiting new BOs and Store Operators to be registered as downlines. This will ensure expansion plan set by eCosway is attainable.
Income of the Store Operators is from:

Sales commission based on monthly retail sales. To be paid approximately one month after submission of monthly report.
Bonuses (total of four types) from recruitment of active VIP shoppers and BOs. The quantum of the bonuses is even more if the BOs are active and also awarded Free Stores.
Even if BOs do not choose to open Free Stores, they can still make huge income from bonuses if other BOs recruited by them are successful in acquiring Free Stores. But no Sales Commission will be paid out because they are not Store Operators.

Why you should register as a Business Owner today

Free Store concept has just been introduced in December 2008 and is relatively new. It is already a huge success in Malaysia and Hong Kong. With other fresh markets being introduced overtime, we, the early birds, are in a big time to reap the benefits and be financially independent with the potential of huge network of BOs and VIP Shoppers in economically superior countries like the USA, UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and even China.

First step: Join as a BO (Business Owner), fill up the free store application form. Later an interview or written test on eCosway products and marketing plan will be conducted. Our team will provide support and training for those who are interested to apply.
Contact me NOW!

Chew Hiew Kuang

Saudara, stokis /stor percuma /kedai bebas di sini bermaksud:

Pengubahsuaian kedai itu dibayar oleh eCosway.
Sewa bulanan yang dibayar oleh eCosway.
Kos undang-undang, deposit sewa dan lain-lain deposit yang dibayar oleh eCosway.
Bil elektrik boleh dituntut kembali ke eCosway. Pengendali kedai akan terpaksa membayar tuntutan pertama dan kemudian dengan resit.
Barangan / produk diberikan sebagai konsainan.
Peranan Pengendali Stor:

Bayar telefon dan internet bil.
Sewa dan membayar gaji kepada kakitangan jika diperlukan.
Membayar bil air.
Beli 1000eV set produk Cosway untuk kegunaan peribadi. 1000eV kira-kira RM5000 di Malaysia. Jumlah bagi negara-negara lain bergantung kepada apa yang set dipilih.
Membayar deposit keselamatan kepada eCosway sebelum penyerahan kunci kedai. Ini digunakan untuk pelaburan dalam eCosway bagi selagi Pengendali Stor mengendalikan kedai bebas mereka. Deposit keselamatan dikembalikan sepenuhnya atas penamatan kontrak. Jumlah yang diperlukan di Malaysia adalah RM10k dengan satu atau dua penjamin atau RM30k tanpa penjamin. Kehendak bagi negara-negara lain berbeza.
Bank in dalam semua jualan tunai harian dengan segera ke dalam akaun bank eCosway.
Mengurus simpan dalam sepenuh masa. Bekerja keras untuk mencapai sasaran jualan yang ditetapkan oleh eCosway.
Terus merekrut BO(Business Owner) dan Pengendali Stor untuk didaftarkan sebagai downline. Ini akan memastikan pelan pengembangan yang ditetapkan oleh eCosway boleh dicapai.
Pendapatan daripada Pengendali Stor adalah dari:

Komisen jualan berdasarkan jualan bulanan runcit. Untuk dibayar kira-kira satu bulan selepas penyerahan laporan bulanan.
Bonus (jumlah empat jenis) dari pengambilan pembeli aktif VIP dan BO. Kuantum bonus adalah lebih jika BO aktif yang juga mendapat Stor Percuma.
Walaupun BO tidak memilih untuk membuka Stor Percuma, mereka masih boleh membuat pendapatan yang besar dari bonus jika BO lain diambil oleh mereka yang berjaya mendapat Stor Percuma. Tetapi tiada komisyen jualan akan dibayar kerana mereka yang bukan pengendali Stor. Konsep Stor Percuma baru sahaja diperkenalkan pada Disember 2008 dan agak baru. Ia sudah menjadi kejayaan besar di Malaysia dan Hong Kong.

Langkah Pertama ialah perlu mendaftar sebagai Pemilik Perniagaan(BO).

Selepas itu anda perlu mengisi borang permohonan untuk menyertai Stor Percuma. Anda akan dipanggil untuk sesi saringan iaitu menghadiri sesi ujian bertulisa dan lisan.
Selepas lulus, barulah anda layak mendapat Stor Percuma.

Hubungi saya SEKARANG!
Chew Hiew Kuang
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