Kursus Asas Perniagaan Francais ( SME Bank)

Date: 04 Dec 2007 - 05 Dec 2007

Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) will organize a Basic Franchising Course.

This program is essential in order to give exposure to the public on the basic aspects in franchise business system and evaluation method of viability as part of the preparation to be in the industry.

All of us have different needs and goals. Whether you want the freedom to manage your current business independently or starting a business without much hassle, you need to start with a plan - a real record-proven business plan to guide you to the right path. So, franchising is the key answer for you.

Why? We'll tell you why...

  • It's time for you to become your own boss
  • Get up close with the market leaders
  • No more waiting, let's shorten your learning curve
  • No experience needed
  • A ready-made package to own your business