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Franchise Highlight

OldTown Signs MoU With Global Art To Inspire Through Drawings

7 July 2022,

OldTown Kopitiam and Global Art have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a strategic partnership in inspiring the general public to Malaysian culture and traditional values ​​through paintings by Global Art to be displayed at OldTown outlets.

Through this collaboration called “Art of OldTown”, artists under Global Art will present their artwork on the walls of selected OldTown outlets such as OldTown Sri Rampai and this will be extended to other locations, to stay in touch with the local community.

OldTown Kopitiam CEO, Dawn Liew said this effort provides opportunities and support for artists to showcase their work to customers who visit OldTown branches and is also one of OldTown’s initiatives to refresh its brand and vary marketing strategies to remain relevant in the marketplace.

“This painting is very much in line with OldTown’s new objective in the brand refresh mission which is to apply local values ​​in every interior design concept of the premises and this is the 4th time OldTown has changed its interior design concept since it started operating in 2005,” he said.

The MoU signing ceremony was officiated by OldTown Kopitiam CEO, Dawn Liew and Global Art CEO, Mahair Goh. The session was also witnessed by the chairman of the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA), Datuk Dr Radzali Hassan |

In the meantime, Dr Radzali said MFA fully supports this effort and thinks that this activity is creative and innovative way to attract customers and increase brand awareness for both brands.

“I hope that such efforts and cooperation among franchisees can be implemented more in the future to support the growth of the franchise industry in the country,” he added.

He said that MFA is concerned and takes seriously the impact of rising prices of goods on franchise businesses which are still trying  to re-stabilise their operations post-Covid-19. Therefore, MFA hopes that the government can provide more specific initiatives to the franchise industry in facing this challenge.



Source: SME Magazine Asia

Full Article: https://sme.asia/38116-2/