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Franchise Highlight

Foreword Datuk Haji Md Latip Bin Sarrugi, Chairman of MFA

1.Datuk Mohd Latip Sarrugi

Time and tide wait for no man – we have now come to the end of 2014. Without doubt we have accomplished many good things and more importantly we have to sit down and take account what we have yet to achieve to accomplish. As the Chairman of the Malaysian Franchise Association I am grateful to fellow members for your tireless support rendered to the association over the years in making franchise industry into the present reality. Likewise I would like to acknowledge the tremendous contribution from my fellow EXCO members.

Franchise Industry of Malaysia, by and large are small and medium scale industry who have successfully ventured abroad by establishing their franchise outlets overseas – as to date 58 Malaysian Franchise brands in 53 countries with 2400 outlets. Thus, contributing to the Malaysian GDP of RM24.6 billion. This is an acknowledged achievement.

What about exploring the world over, searching for a new niche market for our products such as agro-based industry, biotechnology, tourism and education as franchise packages for globalisation potentials. One needs to exercise caution as all franchisees, home or abroad, need fundamentally solid backup in term of knowledge, training and operation from their franchisor. Therefore Malaysian Franchisors are advised to have the required skill and stamina during the currency of Franchise period to provide the obligatory support, especially to their International Franchisees. We could not ill afford in this area of service, as the world is watching at us, the Malaysian Franchisors. If we could demonstrate successfully our Malaysian competency it would mean a plus point to Malaysian products. More importantly, as Asia has been the focal point of world’s investment, South America has been showing strong indication  to be the next investment frontier after Asia.

Franchise International Malaysian (FIM) 2015 with exhibition and conference will need your continued contribution and support for our local Franchisor to exhibit their products to the world and vice versa the foreign Franchisors to us. We still have an onerous duty before us to make Malaysia the hub for Franchising in Asia.

Thank you.


Datuk Haji Md Latip Bin Sarrugi