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Message From Advisor

dato-latipMessage From Advisor
Malaysian Franchise Association

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and salamsejahtera.

Alhamdulillah, thank  you  for  the  opportunity  given  to me to say few  words in this July Edition of our Franchise Mind.  About 23 years ago, the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA), was born. Starting off and then, MFA has been established and moving forward in becoming  the  only franchise association in Malaysia today.  With only 44 sponsors back then,   MFA   now   has   nearly   300   active  members,  comprising  franchisors,  master franchisors,   franchisees,   would   be   franchisors,   would   be   franchisees,   franchise consultants, financial institutions, law firms, and academicians.

Despite  these  figures, MFA  has major  roles  and  responsibilities  to play in the  Malaysian  franchise  landscape. Highlighting the  key  objectives  and roles  of  MFA  is  to  consolidate  the  efforts of  its  members to  protect  their interests.  This is one  of the  main essence of the  MFA struggle over the  years. We are in the association, always ensuring that the interest of the members are well-maintained and served.

Are we (MFA)  now  on track, to support the  vision and  mission of  the Malaysian  Franchise  Industry? I leave this pertinent  question for all of us. Despite all the efforts and supports from the members, the industry essentially  was never deserted by hurdles and challenges. These include, in terms of national and  international relations, relations between ministries,  agencies,  and  other NGOs,  financial  challenges,  and the need to  emphasize are on mutual relationship between MFA members. These  challenges need to be  addressed with planning, strategy and  support from the Main Committee Members, MFA Secretariat to the members as a whole.

Lastly, I congratulate the new lineup of  MFA’s Main  Committee  Members for 2017/2019 and  wishing  them all the best, in  asserting and carrying out their duties and  responsibilities well. Please, continue to contribute and support the new Chairman in executing every agenda and direction set forth.

To the newly elected Chairman and Main Committee Members, may I say:–


“Build your resilience to serve”
With this  opportunity, I would  like to thank all  members of MFA, the Main Committee Members, MFA’s  Secretariat and  all parties  involved for all the supports  and  assistance given to me during  my tenure as MFA’s  Chairman for 2015/2017.

Together we pray that our efforts to grow the franchise industry in Malaysia will be a success.

Thank you.

Datuk Wira Mohd Latip Sarrugi