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Franchise Highlight

Sweet treats & summer lovelies

27th April 2018,

There are two bold-flavoured limited-edition frappucino beverages Starbuck has introduced for its summer campaign. If you have a “thing” for dessert, you’ll love them both.

While the first takes a new spin on the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu, Starbucks put in a clever twist to the first of their “star” beverages for summer to deliver “Tea-ramisu Frappucino”, a Matcha-tea based beverage that is delicous enough to get you wanting more. As delectable is the “Midnight Mocha Frappucino”, satisfying those looking for a caffeine boost in a lip-smacking beverage.

NO. 112 (27042018)

Source : The Sun Daily

  • NO. 112 (27042018)