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Franchise Highlight

Malaysia seafood restaurant brand to open in Mauritius

New Delhi, 18 October 2019,

Malaysia seafood restaurant operator The Manhattan Fish Market plans to open in Mauritius under a franchise partnership.

The company has already signed an agreement but the first restaurant will open only in early 2021, when the shopping mall where it plans to operate is ready.

“We will open two restaurants in Mauritius initially. The deal is part of our efforts to have 100 outlets in Malaysia and overseas in five years,” the company’s franchise business manager Amril Rizar told¬†Bernama.

The home-grown brand, which started in 2002, now operates 60 restaurants in 15 countries.

The company is exploring various Arab countries, South Asian markets and the ASEAN region for potential franchise agreements.

“We would like to offer master franchisee arrangements for different regions in India. We are looking at having a presence in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi,” Amril said.

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Source: The Edge Market

Full Article: https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysia-seafood-restaurant-brand-open-mauritius

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