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IPR – Terms & Conditions

  1. Must at least have one international outlet operated by appointed franchisee or master franchisee
  2. Franchisor is encourage to hire lawyer endorsed by MFA. These lawyers have an extensive international network. From 2016, all franchisors are required to only use MFA’s Pool of Lawyers.
  3. Claims only on Trademark registration, which class must be related to the primary nature of business.
  4. Franchisor may claim for IP registration from 2012. However a deduction of 5% will be given for registration made on 2012.
  5. Reimbursement value is based on quantum basis. (Please refer to the Performance Based Incentives (PBI) table)
  6. Outlet must be active and operational during reimbursement request is made. Franchisor must show proof of operational outlet (Audited Account, Management Account, Latest Receipts, Pictures, etc)
  7. Franchisor must submit original receipt for IP Registration. (Copies of receipt is unacceptable)
  8. A 5% processing fee will be deducted directly from reimbursement value.