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Franchise Highlight

IPR – Performance Based Incentives (PBI) Table




Pioneer New International Franchisor 30%
New Country 30%
Normal Country 1 Covers maximum of RM10, 000 for each country or whichever is lower.
Country 2
Country 3
Country 4
Country 5


  1. Pioneer Status
    1. New International Franchisor – Franchisor who had just penetrated its first international country.
    2. New Country – Franchisor who had just penetrated new country. (i.e Poland, Argentina)


  1. Reimbursement for Pioneer Status – Reimburse will be made for IP registration not exceed RM15,000.
  • Application can be made for IP Registration made from 2012. However, a deduction of 5% will be given for registration made on 2012.
  1. List of new country can be found in MFA’s website (www.mfa.org.my), under FRANEX section.
  2. Franchisor shall be reimbursed, once the master franchisee / franchisee had commenced operation.
  3. Franchisor who have penetrated more than 5 countries shall not be eligible for this incentive.