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Franchise Highlight

Holistic teaching methodology for the 21st century

19 February 2019

For the past two decades, Smart Reader Worldwide has given nothing but the best to the development of preschool education.

Through its unique teaching approach, the Smart Reader Creative Methodology (SRCTM), Smart Reader Worldwide has benefited and touched the lives of many children.

SRCTM ensures that children are eager to learn and its flexibility and versatility lends excitement to the whole learning process. Through this methodology, children are encouraged to think and analyse, empowering them to produce and perform beyond expectations. This approach creates happiness and confidence in children and ultimately gives them a sense of accomplishment. SRCTM is the perfect teaching methodology for 21st century children.

In addition to having a unique teaching methodology, Smart Reader Worldwide has also revolutionised the landscape of preschool education. The complete Smart Reader preschool curriculum provides a holistic learning platform for children.

At Smart Reader Kids centres, children are not only taught the core subjects (languages, mathematics and science) but also guided to improve their cognitive, social and emotional skills. These skills that children learn in their formative years are extremely crucial as it will help them build a solid foundation before they enter formal education in primary schools.


Sumber: The Star

Artikel Penuh: https://www.pressreader.com/malaysia/the-star-malaysia-star2/20190219/281844349907147

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