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Franchise Highlight


YBhg. Datuk Radzali Bin Hassan

Vice Chairman
Izham Hakimi Hamdi
Dato’ Zahriah Abd Kadir

Secretary General
Mohamad Shukri Salleh

Assistant Secretary
Rozaiman Che Kar
Khairuddin Yahya

Dr. Mokhrazinim Mokhtar

Assistant Treasurer
Amran Shah Idris

Committee Members
Dato’ Ir Rohaizi Mohd Jusoh
Prof. Madya Dr. Azmawani Abd Rahman
Deric Yeo Chin Lee
Neoh Eng Kee
Kevan Ong Kin Wye
Sam Siew Phak Kheong
Shamsudin Amir
Sri Ganesh K. Balasubramaniam
Paul Ang Beng Teck

Internal Auditors
Amran Abd Hamid
Nurhasril Noordin

Sub-Committee Registration & Ethics
Responsible to determine the status of membership applications, bring forward the applications to the Main Committee; responsible on the monitory mechanism on ethics of the members by adopting using the self-regulatory Codes of Ethics.

Sub-Committee Education & Research
Responsible in planning and implementing education and training projects for the members and maintaining a resource centre on Franchise Industry for the benefits of the members.

Sub-Committee Consultation & Welfare
Responsible in providing counselling services, looking after the welfare of members and taking action in arbitrating disputes between members.

Sub-Committee Promotion & Public Relations
Responsible in fostering a good image on members’ business activities and liasing with the mass media to provide accurate information as well as to execute promotional activities intended to introduce or enhance franchising as a form of businesses of quality and viability.

Sub-Committee National & International Affairs
Responsible in developing and fostering strong relationships with the Government authorities and with all parties domestically and abroad having interest with the objectives and purposes of the Association.

Sub-Committee Business Development
Responsible to overcome and monitor member’s current issues within the aspects of franchise development and industry especially financial, business and product development with government, corporate and entrepreneur as well as creating business opportunity through scheduled activities, as well as to enhance the fund of MFA.