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Banana leaf-styled fish & chips – now in Malaysia

Petaling Jaya, 15 August 2019,

While many associate Western food to be a bit ‘atas’ (or premium-priced) – never mind if it’s to be eaten with proper cutlery or in the form of fast food wraps, burgers or such – Malaysian casual dining chain Manhattan Fish Market has adopted a local favourite way to serve up its signature fish & chips dish.

To maintain hygiene and also entertain diners, the dish can optionally be spread out on a choice of grease-proofed paper printed with one of three designs. And one can place all six varieties of tartar sauce offered up at this diner on the serving paper – exactly like how you’d enjoy banana leaf dishes.

“Not many realise fish & chips have traditionally been eaten by hand,” noted Dickson Low, chief executive officer of Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd – owner of the dining chain operator. “It’s a happy coincidence this is also the same way Malaysians have banana leaf dishes.”

Emphasising the focus on affordable pricing of menu items at Manhattan Fish Market outlets, Dickson said all patrons get unlimited top-ups of the potato chips with this dish order.

Source: Cyber RT

Full Article: https://www.cyber-rt.info/life/banana-leaf-styled-fish-chips-now-in-malaysia/