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  1. IKEA: Put All Your Eggs in One Basket - Mon 19/Feb/07
    Everyone loves IKEA. Their products have exotic names and equally exotic looks. By owning an IKEA product, it is a statement of your individuality to anyone who visits your house! A Humble Beginning..

  2. Lube Oil Change Franchise - Fri 2/Feb/07
    The Demand All cars need to be serviced regularly. For lube oil, it has to be replaced every 5000 km. Although the service is simple and available everywhere, car owners increasingly feel it is a..

  3. The secret of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) success - Sat 27/Jan/07
    Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a very well know brand in the world. It is rated at number 60 as the world most well known by BusinessWeek (McDonalds at number 9 and Nescafe, 23). Its history spans..

  4. Are Leaders Born Or Made? - Tue 23/Jan/07
    For centuries people have debated whether leaders are born or made. Several decades ago researchers started trying to answer the question. The debate goes on, even though we know the answer. It..

  5. What Does Success Mean To You? - Tue 23/Jan/07
    by: Brian Bartes When you think of “success” what comes to mind? Maybe you think of a business owner with a wife, two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence surrounding a big suburban..

  6. Franchise In Malaysia : Aspects And Topics Of Franchising Development - Mon 15/Jan/07
    The franchising business model has since come of age in Malaysia. Nowadays it has not only gained popularity but as one of the preferred ways of doing business grow stronger everyday. Witness the..

  7. Pembangunan Sektor Francais Dalam Ekonomi Malaysia - Sun 23/Mar/03
    Di Malaysia, perniagaan melalui sistem francais adalah agak baru. Sebelum tahun 1990`an, perniagaan francais tidak begitu dikenali. Pada masa itu hanya terdapat beberapa buah perniagaan sahaja yang..

  8. Footsteps to Franchising. - Sun 23/Mar/03
    Step 1: Self and Business Audit ARE YOU PSYCHOLOGICALLY ready to turn your business into a franchise? This is the most crucial question an entrepreneur should ask before jumping into franchising...

  9. Menilai Peluang Francais - Sun 23/Mar/03
    Perniagaan francais, dalam banyak hal adalah sama dengan perniagaan lain. Maksudnya bersama perniagaan francais terdapat risiko, usaha dan modal. Ini bermakna sesbuah perniagaan francais boleh..

  10. Providing a Conducive Legal Framework for Franchising - Sun 23/Mar/03
    Anyone engaged in franchising may wish for a conducive legal framework. As always, however, it is easier said than done. A glance at the variety of laws and regulations existing in the world may be..

  11. Before Embarking into Franchising - Sun 23/Mar/03
    To the Prospective Franchisor and Prospective Franchisee, the followings are some cautionary thoughts to be considered. Franchising is no miracle cure. If the product or services is not competitive,..

  12. The Business Breeding Entrepreneurs - Sun 23/Mar/03
    Traditionally people associate the word franchising with major food outlet such as McDonalds or KFCs. However, long gone are the days when buying a franchise meant you would have to stand in front..

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