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Proposal Cyber Cafe
Kamarul Bin Arifin - Tue 6/Mar/07, 2:29pm [Last Comment]

boleh tak saya dapatkan contoh proposal untuk perniagaan cyber cafe.. Dan bagaimana saya hendak dapatkan modal..

Niche: Bisnes Cyber Cafe
  1. MFA Admin - 06 Mar 2007, 6:14pm
    Dear En Kamarul, first of all we would like to thank you for your interest in franchise business. Prior to join franchise business we would advise for you to gain as much knowledge in franchise business such as join our Basic Franchising Course. You can meet the industry experts during our training programs.
    We at MFA are glad to help you.

  2. Hassim Bin Serah - 13 Mar 2007, 3:05pm
    can i have sampel of proposal for cyber cafe shop.i hope sir could help me how to start it.Thanks for you help.

  3. mohd nYqzAm - 14 Mar 2007, 11:14am
    u try go to bank pembangunan snd SME bank for loan to opening bisness..

  4. Mr Ken - 15 Mar 2007, 9:36pm
    encik kamarul boleh mendapat contoh proposal oleh mana2 bank pembangunan ataupun cawangan SME bank yang berdekatan.
    pegawai perhubungan adalah dengan senang hati nya akan membantu encik menangani perkara ini..tq

  5. Mirsharfhinazri bin Hanif - 03 Apr 2007, 6:11pm
    bolehkah saya memulakan perniagaan tanpa asas dalam perniagaan...tapi saya ada kemahuan kearah itu..

  6. Abdullah bin Noor - 05 Apr 2007, 1:48am
    I would like to start of a cyber cafe business and i need some guidelines for the proposal and how to get loan from bank. terima kaseh.

  7. Peter Lim 2 - 07 Apr 2007, 1:11am
    i can provide the service to help setup new cyber cafe

  8. Along330 - 10 Apr 2007, 11:58pm
    hi kamarul, proposal yang awak perlu, untuk apa? loan or licence?

  9. Badaiputera - 22 Apr 2007, 11:23am
    Berminat untuk menyertai e-franchise global?
    100% Hanya Secara Online
    100% Secara AUTO PILOT
    100% Produk Untuk pasaran Global
    100% Mampu Dilakukan dimana sahaja
    100% Tiada Had Masa (24/6/356)
    100% Konsep "Pay It forward"
    100% Konsep "Top Up & Rolling Seed Money"
    100% Konsep "People Helping People"
    100% Tiada Perjumpaan & Tiada Meeting

    Modal disediakan Untuk menjalankan perniagaan & Membina Rangkaian

    Berminat untuk info selenjutnya, emailkan kepada sy.
    To >
    Subject > Berminat e-franchise global

    Sertakan nama, email, negeri, no hp


  10. Kenny Law 2 - 15 May 2007, 5:53pm
    We have the solution that is just right for your cyber cafe. Our company is MSC status company.It it a solution that allows all diskless client PC to boot Win OS and run games. Minimizing the operation cost and maintenance cost, and also the minus the hard disk cost.

    Please kindly contact me for more information. Free demo is provided.

    Kenny Law

    (DDS Diskless Network Management Software & Authorised Reseller for TMNet Streamyx)
    No 40, Jalan PJS 3/28,
    Taman Buana Perdana,
    46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

    Phone: 03 – 7784 1110 Fax:03 – 7784 8220

    Email :


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