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Mykad Smart Shopper Program. Shopping Guna Mykad, Dpt Diskaun+point
Nurshaz87 - Tue 2/Oct/12, 11:19am

Salam warga Anda sume mmg HEBAT...

Kt sini, wani nk share satu PROJEK yg mmg BEST..
Wani adlah Authorized Agency/ Dealer yg berlesen & dilantik dlm Affiliate Junction..
Projek yg wani jalankan adlah Mykad Smart Shopper Program.. ( )
Kerjasama penuh MSC & MDEC..
100% berkonsepkan Affiliate Marketing.. Easy, Secure & Longterm..
Simple je, cuma AKTIFKAN MYKAD secara PERCUMA, bleh dpt DISKAUN+POINT bila berbelanja GUNA MYKAD...

Berikut adlh jdual WANI utk bulan Okt12 (plan awl bulan, akn update dr semasa ke semasa) :-
8hb - Perasmian Ofis MELAKA + Pembentangan Projek.
18 & 19hb - OnAir Radio [Kuantan 104.1 MHz & Pahang Barat 107.5 MHz]
20hb - Pembentangan di KUANTAN
21hb - Pembentangan di TEMERLOH

Ingat, KUOTA adlah TERHAD !!!
( First Come, First Served )

* Hubungi WANI ~> 017-9396956/ bbpin 284CFBEB (utk apptmt)
  1. Syazwan 14 - 13 Oct 2012, 7:51pm
    cmne nk jd affiliate junction?
    email saya

  2. Rabiaah Ramzan Khan - 27 Oct 2012, 12:12pm
    sila emailkan kepada sya.saya pun berminat dengan program ini.thanks

  3. Nurshaz87 - 07 Dec 2012, 5:34pm
    Syazwan 14 :sy da emelkn, tq..

    Rabiaah : leh sertakan emel pd wani.. Xpn leh sms trus pd wani k - 0179396956 @ bbpin 284CFBEB


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