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Information regarding starbucks or coffee bean franchise
Jazeel Johari - Mon 13/Mar/06, 3:54am

Hi,how are you all doing?well, the thing is, i would like to know the cost and any relevant information regarding the opening of coffee bean or starbucks franchise.The potential of the business is huge especially with the wireless internet connection available at these outlets.Please do advice.Thank you
  1. - 13 Mar 2006, 7:14pm
    Dear Jazeel, if you mean Starbucks Coffee and Coffee Bean, currently they are not our members. Therefore we do not have any information about their business. For further information, you may contact Registrar of Franchise, Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development at tel no.: 03-8880 5600 or you also may contact the particular company directly.

    And we want to suggest you our member, Hoca Coffee. Address: N0 155, Jalan KIP 8,Taman Perindustrian KIP,52200 Kuala Lumpur. Phone No:03 – 62774593 / 5986 Fax:03 - 62774587 Email: . Hope you interested.

  2. Charles Vasels - 08 May 2006, 5:58am
    If I am not mistaken all the Starbucks in Malaysia are owned by Berjaya and are not available for franchise--McD was previously owned by Berjaya as well. Starbucks company owns all their restuarants outright, they are not a traditional franchise and they dont franchise except in countries where they dont yet have an office--very few places like that. As for Coffee Bean, etc etc etc, I wonder why people post here instead of looking at the company's web site and reading first hand and then writing directly to the company for info and specific questions?

  3. Charles Vasels - 08 May 2006, 6:11am
    By the way, WiFi Hot Spots around the world are failing--lets say dying a slow death-- because the target market never materialized. The predicted rate of growth in Hot Spots will be sharply curtailed in the future--so the industry says. Ok lets think why? In the USA anyway, Starbucks charged $$ for Hot Spot time and now look--in KL many restaurants offer FREE Hot Spot but how many takers are there? I have never once taken my laptop to a mamak I go to alot and only occaisonally see one guy with his. One. Yet its free for all. In a real sense, be THANKFUL they are not more used than they are. Do you really want a customer occupying a precious seat in your restuarant for three hours, sucking up bandwith time (and your money) and never ordering anything beyond an Ice Lemon Tea? Sure you want that? Sure it seems like a great idea but think again. Plus, the only people I see touting WiFi are those who are selling the equipment. Hmm.

  4. Sha Kok Tein - 30 May 2006, 7:13am
    hi, if you are interested to run a coffee franchise, maybe we can work something together next year. do u have working experience in this line? keep me in contact at

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