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Free Cosway Shop-cosway Seeking Interest Business Owner To Get Free Shop
Angel 6 - Tue 6/Sep/11, 2:37pm

Build your retail of chain stores by introducing shop owner to run the free stores

Expenses free business: Rental, Renovation, Maintenance, Products 100% consignment
For more info refer to my websites:
eCosway franchise Success TeaM
This business income is passive and can be passed down to your children.

Business Options available -->
A) You can apply to operate a free shop today

Sample calculation of Retail Shop Profit Earning
Scenario : Assumption of RM 120,000 gross sales / month
Monthly Gross Sales RM 60,000 = RM 5,000 nett
Balance Gross Sales RM 60,000x5% = RM 3,000
Monthly eV of 10,000 = RM 6,800
total =RM 14,800

B) Great branching network income (based on shop sales)

Those who are interested in networking income, you can earn a retail outlet commission based on the retail outlet sales whom you introduced earlier. The commission you get depends on the retail sales. Open as many outlet chains you need and earn a huge sustainable PASSIVE income. As long as your outlet makes sales, you earn an income from company.

Good thing about this network structure there is no breakaway, no limit to how far the network goes.

Why Choose a Shop rather than a Emerald / Diamond Leader in retail? ->
because a shop takes shorter period to be built,
has customer base,
customer goes to shop instead of searching for new customers and doing direct sales,
no need for motivation talks.

1200 shops to open in Malaysia
Latest news:* additional 800 outlets to be open at Petrol Stations

C) Or Do both A and B

Our Free shop are selling the household care , skin care , and health care product.

Own expense water,internet,telephone,insurance about RM 1200 per year,staffing cost

Tan Sri Vincent Tan (owner of Berjaya who owns 7Eleven Malaysia 7Eleven reached around the world) has invested a lot of capital into building Malaysia solid foundation of free shops and the other 9 countries. Currently there are 300 , the company still needs 1200 shops.

Training provided each week in order for you to pass the interview confidently.

Contact me if you need assistance or information regarding how to setup a free cosway shop.

Angel 0168641333
  1. Angel 6 - 09 Sep 2011, 3:44pm
    Today, I heard the following remark:-
    'I know the shop is free but the membership is not free! as it is subjected to approval, what should I do with the membership if approval cannot be obtained?'

    It struck me how we adults, tend to worry ahead too much.

    My 2 years old attempted to climb a tree, fell and knocked her head. A few days later, she climb it again and again, now she can climb like a monkey.

    Don't focus on the OUTCOME until we forget to enjoy the process.

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